Foreign Diploma Translation

Foreign Diploma Translation services are designed to provide accurate and notarized translation of the diplomas of students who have completed their high school, undergraduate or graduate education abroad. You can easily have your translations done by filling out the Foreign Diploma Translation Request Form .

In order for foreign students to continue their education in Turkey, they must complete the equivalence procedures at the Council of Higher Education. In order to carry out the Equivalence or Horizontal Transfer procedures of foreign students, notarized translations of their diplomas and report cards are required.


Diploma and Transcript Translation – Notary Approved

Students who will apply for the YÖS exam or to foundation universities in Turkey must have a notarized translation for their Foreign Diploma Translation process.

Our German-speaking staff, who are experienced in studying at universities abroad in Turkey, know what to pay attention to when translating your diplomas and transcripts (report cards). They are careful to make an accurate translation.

Our Translation Services
  • High School Diploma Translation
  • Associate degree diploma translation
  • Bachelor’s degree translation
  • Master’s degree translation
  • Graduation certificate translation
  • Student document translation
  • Expertise document translation
  • Certification Translation
  • Translation of International Application Documents
  • Passport Translation
Most preferred translation services
  • Most preferred translations:

     The most preferred ones who benefit from our translation services are generally for equivalence documents.

    1. Abitur diploma translation
    2. Abitur / Fachabitur transcript translation
    3. Undergraduate transcript translations
    4. High school diploma translations from France and the Netherlands
  • Pricing

    The pricing of your documents varies depending on the number of pages and words of your documents to be translated .
    Once you fill out the translation request form and our documents reach us, our consultants will give you price information and all the necessary information.

Translation Offer

Translation Type(Required)
Max. file size: 256 MB.
Max. file size: 256 MB.

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