Health Insurance for Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals and students who want to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Turkey are required to have health insurance according to Turkish law. Foreign nationals with a residence permit appointment must bring their digitally signed or primary health insurance policy to the appointment.

How does it work?

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We work with the most well-known and reliable Insurance Companies.


The cheapest prices and rates when it comes to Health Insurance in Turkey.


Your Health Insurance will be ready within a maximum of 48 hours.

Pre-Request Form

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Türkiye Health Insurance for Foreigners – Health Insurance in Turkey

Health Expenses for the diagnosis and care of foreign visitors at contracted health institutions are protected according to policy coverage, ceiling, payment rate and exemptions.

These costs are detailed in the coverage table prepared in accordance with the application conditions of the health institution defined by the Health Insurance General Conditions and Private Health Insurance Regulation and the policy to which the insured is affiliated.

Citizenship and residence permit applications of foreign nationals in Turkey are recorded as part of their education, trade and employment rights. International health insurance is required before submitting official applications .

What services does my health insurance cover?

inpatient treatment

The coverage covers expenses incurred during inpatient care (minor surgical procedures, emergency medical aid) operations, unlimited in contracted institutions and within the limits and rates determined in all non-contracted Aksigorta healthcare institutions.

Outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment expenses such as doctor visits, tests, x-rays, modern diagnosis and physical therapy are covered by insurers up to certain limits.


Health insurance covers drug costs for both outpatient and inpatient care.

Documents Required for Health Insurance in Turkey

An Address in Turkey (Rent Flat, Home Address or Dormitory Address and other)

Father name

Passport Details

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