Foreign Student Horizontal Transfer

If foreign students who are studying at university or high school abroad want to continue their education in Turkey, this process  is called Foreign Student Horizontal Transfer  . It is necessary to apply for Foreign Student Transfer students in a very meticulous and professional manner.

It is very important to prepare the application documents and translate the diplomas correctly, especially the University Transfer Quotas and dates .

Global Academia is happy to be with you at all stages of your horizontal transfer process.

Especially students who study at a university in Germany and want to transfer to Turkey must follow certain procedures.

Likewise, students in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark and Finland. High school diplomas, transcripts and all other report cards you received abroad must be prepared in accordance with the horizontal transfer procedures.

Do you want to make a horizontal transfer to Turkey?

Contact our consultant immediately.

Our consultants will assist you with Horizontal Transfer via WhatsApp.

You can complete your Horizontal Transfer process in 3 short steps .

Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get general information.

Foreign Student Undergraduate Transfer Requirements

Foreign Student Undergraduate Transfer Requirements

  • The university or higher education institution you studied abroad is among the institutions whose equivalence is accepted by YÖK (Council of Higher Education).
  • Your transcripts, associate degree and undergraduate diplomas must be accepted by the university.
  • It is important to pay attention to the minimum GPA required by the university you want to transfer to.
Can foreign students make horizontal transfers?

Can foreign students make horizontal transfers?

Students studying abroad can continue their education in Turkey. In order for students to make a horizontal transfer, they must pay attention to the departments they are studying at the universities they want to apply to.

If you cannot decide on the university you want to transfer to, our advisors will help you with this.

Many of our foreign students are left out due to wrong choices. In order not to be left out of a wrong choice, it is very important to get consultancy from an institution that is professional in YÖS and Foreign Students and to make the right choices (University, department, etc.). 

Foreign Student Horizontal Transfer Quotas

All universities in Turkey have certain quotas for horizontal transfer. Different transfer quotas are available for foreign students.
The important thing for students is not to miss these dates and to take the quotas into consideration.

Horizontal transfer quotas are announced by the YÖK (Higher Education Council) as well as the universities. You can review the YÖK 2017 Quota List
as an example for the transfer quotas of the universities you want to apply to .

(If the Candidate Foreign Student meets the conditions / the counseling process is initiated on time and there are no irregularities in the documents.)

Horizontal Transfer from Germany to Turkey

It is necessary to follow certain procedures for horizontal transfers from Germany to Turkey.

Conditions for transferring from abroad to Turkish universities vary from university to university.

The important thing is that the documents you received during your education in Germany are submitted completely  in a way that the universities in Turkey will accept.

Foreign Student Horizontal Transfer

Step 1: Get information about our Process and Services.

How does the Horizontal Transfer process work?

  1. Fill out the Foreign Student Horizontal Transfer Request Form.
  2. Our consultant will contact you.
  3. It will request documents from you and provide information about the consultancy fee.
  4. The documents required for horizontal transfer will be sent to your e-mail address.
  5. We can apply for you with your documents, or you can apply yourself.

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