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Istanbul Gedik University was founded by Gedik Education and Social Assistance Foundation (GEV) belonging to Gedik Holding on 07.09.1994 with the aim of promoting the country’s education and the development of source technology in Turkey.


The GEV has adopted this as a comprehensive approach to all types of activities and inputs. GEV in this framework; Since the establishment of the National Broadcasting Corporation, the higher education institutions and the private sector, this has been a long-term change. GEV has successfully implemented a multi-project project, such as school, country, vocational education center, and educational institutions that provide services to the disabled.


Istanbul Gedik University has 4 campuses located in Istanbul, which are in Kartal Next to the E-5, Pendik-Kurtköy, Tuzla-Aydınlı and Kurtköy Çamlık with a total of 30,000 square meters.


Istanbul Gedik University, which has a distinction between the University and the Faculty of Sports Education, is one of the leading experts in the field of social and cultural activities in the field of sports.


Istanbul Gedik University, with a broad vision provides an extraordinary education supported with todays latest technology. The mission of the university is to develop a university-to-business partnership as a Research-Development University and to choose a solid foundation for its use.


It aims to provide a better future for its students with internships, employment opportunities, and postgraduate programs. In particular, Erasmus is eligible to receive the University Declaration. Istanbul Gedik University has also made a strong choice for a comprehensive and technologically advanced knowledge-based development center with the Lifelong Learning and Research Center (GE-YEM).

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About Gedik University

Gedik Holding, which has been operating since 1963, with a number of leading companies in their sectors; By the Resolution of the Board of Directors dated 06.04.2010 dated 06.04.2010 The high school, which has continued its 21-day life with Eitim-Oritim, has made it a point to introduce new programs and teaching elements to its foundation every day, and to make sure that the young people who have graduated are able to do work in Turkey and also internationally.Why Apply with Global Academia?


    At Istanbul Gedik University, the Physics Laboratory aims to bring to the forefront the concepts and principles of physics to the students of the Faculty of Engineering. It is intended to serve those who have received electricity and electronics, as well as modern hearing aids and test networks. Automation Laboratory for Hydraulic-Pneumatic and Automation Courses is available.

    For those who have earned a degree in Mechanical, Mechatronic and Industrial Molding; Like the lathes, mills and threshing machines, there is a well-developed dispensary atelier in which the machine workshops are located. For the use of these receivers, our advanced hydraulic-pneumatic and automation laboratories, as well as technical departments of Solidworks and Autocad, are well-versed in the development of advanced technology for the use of these technologies.

    The Chemical and Hygienic Laboratory is responsible for the development of knowledgeable and technologically advanced elements in the field of chemistry and technology. Computer science laboratories in Kartal and Pendik settlements, which are used in the construction of all faculties that own all kinds of donations, are open to the use of researchers. Labs at the Gedik Holding base are being used to streamline the Wireless Technology and Non-destructive Testing programs.


    Gedik University provides modern dormitory opportunities especially for students coming from outside the city to avoid sheltering problems in Istanbul. There are two dormitories in Tuzla Aydınlı Campus of the University, one for girls and one for boys. In the dormitories equipped with the latest technological facilities, students are provided with accommodation alternatives for 1 to 8 people. In addition, you can easily reach the dormitories of girls and boys close to all faculties of Istanbul Gedik University on our Accomodation for International Students page. You can find the information of the dormitories that are suitable for your budget and the properties you want from the dormitories here, where there are many private dormitories.

    Çamlık Sports Facilities located in Pendik district are offered to the use of Gedik University Faculty of Sport Sciences and university students. In this facility, there is an indoor Basketball Hall, Carpet Field (2 units), Tennis Court (2 units), Outdoor Basketball, Volleyball Court (2 units), Tartan Ground Athletic Track, a children’s playground, as well as a cafeteria and administrative units and a parking lot for 150 vehicles. Various clubs such as dance, sports and social responsibility have been established within the university to support students’ social, cultural and artistic activities. In addition, all kinds of conferences, panels, symposiums, congresses, theaters and concerts can be held in the congress hall with a seat capacity of 450 people in Pendik Campus.
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Istanbul Esenyurt University

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National Rank144
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Why Istanbul Gedik University?
  • Nested with Business and Industry
  • Wide and Continuous Scholarship Opportunities
  • Experienced and Highly Qualified Teaching Staff
  • Lifelong Education Opportunity and Certificate Training Programs
  • World Class Accreditation and World Class Education Opportunity
  • English Education at an International Level
  • Applied Training in Modern Technology Equipped Laboratories and Workshops
  • Job and Internship Opportunities for Students
  • Rich Social and Cultural Activities
  • Easy Access to Campuses
  • Dormitory Options
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Programs and Fees at Istanbul Gedik University

Program NameLanguageProgram TypeYearly Fees BEFORE DISCOUNTYearly Fees AFTER OUR DISCOUNT
Accounting and Tax Applications (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Architecture (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Architecture (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Architecture (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Artificial Intelligence Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Banking and Insurance (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Biomedical Device Technology (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Business (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
Business Administration (Distance Education)(Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Business Administration (English)(Non-Thesis)EnglishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Business Administration (English)(Thesis)EnglishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Business Administration (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Business Administration (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Child Development (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Child Development (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Civil Aviation Cabin Services (EP) (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Civil Aviation Cabin Services (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Civil Engineering (English)(Thesis)EnglishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Civil Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Clinical Psychology (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 17,000$ 8,500
Clinical Psychology (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 20,000$ 10,000
Coaching Education (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Computer Engineering (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Computer Programming (EP) (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Computer Programming (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Construction Technology (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Cookery (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Defense Technologies (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Defense Technologies (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
Electrical-Electronics Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Electrics (EP) (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Electrics (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Engineering Management (English)(Thesis)EnglishMaster$ 7,000$ 3,500
Engineering Management (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Exercise and Sport Sciences (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
First and Emergency Aid (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Foreign Trade (English)EnglishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Graphic Design (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Industrial Engineering (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Information Security Technology (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Interior Architecture (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Interior Architecture (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
International Trade (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
International Trade (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
International Trade (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
International Trade and Finance (English)EnglishBachelor$ 5,500$ 2,750
Law (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 6,000$ 3,000
Management Information Systems (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Mechanical Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Mechanical Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
Mechatronics Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor$ 5,500$ 2,750
Mechatronics Engineering (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Mechatronics Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Medical Documentation and Secretarial (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Medical Imaging Techniques (EP) (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Medical Imaging Techniques (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Nursing (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Occupational Health and Safety (EP) (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Occupational Health and Safety (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Occupational Safety and Health (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Occupational Safety and Health (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Occupational Safety and Health (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
Organizational Psychology (Thesis)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Physical Education and Sport Science (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Physical Education and Sport Science (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Physical Education and Sport Science (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
Physical Education and Sports Teaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Political Science and International Relations (English)EnglishBachelor$ 5,500$ 2,750
Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishPhd$ 12,000$ 6,000
Private Law (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Private Law (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Psychology (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Public Law (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Public Law (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Public Relations and Publicity (Turkish)TurkishAssicate Degree$ 2,800$ 1,400
Recreation (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Sports Management (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Statistics and Data Science (English)(Thesis)EnglishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000
Statistics and Data Science (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Visual Communication Design (Turkish)TurkishBachelor$ 4,000$ 2,000
Visual Communication Design (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 5,000$ 2,500
Visual Communication Design (Turkish)(Thesis)TurkishMaster$ 6,000$ 3,000

Programs and Fees at Istanbul Gedik University

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