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Application Form

Application Form

Istanbul Topkapi University

Istanbul Topkapi University, formerly known as ‘Istanbul Ayvansaray University’, was established by the Council of Ministers as Foundation Vocational School, under the name Plato Vocational School.


Istanbul Topkapi University offers a total of 31 undergraduate programs and 59 associate degree programs to foreign students. 19 graduate programs are actively offered. The University includes the Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Sport Sciences, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Graduate School of Education and the Plato Vocational School.


Istanbul Topkapi University has 4 campuses in total, including Kazlıçeşme – Balat – Yenibosna and Şişli Campus. With its 7430+ graduates, Istanbul Topkapi University is gaining popularity day by day by foreign students. Start your application to this university, which offers special discounts and scholarships for Foreign Students, and get your admissions right away!


Why Istanbul Topkapi University as an International student?

There are many reasons for you to choose Istanbul Topkapi University as a foreign student. We list the top reasons for you:

  • Easy Admission Procedure – Fill out the Application form Below to get your admission within a couple of days.
  • Education in English – Istanbul Topkapi University offers its students education in English.
  • Tuition Fees – and Scholarship opportunities for International Students (Special Discounts)
  • Scholarships – With the Anadolu Consultants discount, the annual tuition fee will be 1500 USD for the departments whose language of instruction is Turkish – and 2000 USD for the departments with English education. (Normally the annual tuition fees are 5000 USD)
  • Diversity of Departments – There are many departments at Istanbul Topkapi University that foreign students can choose from.
  • University location – Access to Topkapi University campuses is very easy and is located in the center of the city.
  • Our Acceptance Rate– Your acceptance rate will be very high for all applications you make to Istanbul Topkapı University with Global Academia.

Faculties at Istanbul Atlas University


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Vocational Schools

Istanbul Topkapi University – Ranking

Name of the Universityİstanbul Topkapı Üniversitesi
Locationİstanbul – Türkiye
World Ranking6878
Country Ranking146

Apply to Istanbul Atlas University

As Global Academia, we guarantee your admission to Istanbul Atlas University – with discounted fees and scholarships. We follow the entire process of enrollment to Ankara Medipol University, help you with obtaining a student visa, document submission – and plan your accommodation. Here are reasons why you should apply with us:

Why Apply with Global Academia?

  • Guaranteed Scholarships
    As official representatives of Istanbul Atlas University, we can get our students accepted with guaranteed scholarships and discounted fees. For obtaining those scholarships listed in the lists, there is no extra requirements needed. We will get your acceptance Istanbul Atlas University with the discounted fees right away!
  • Updated Data
    Updated data of universities and departments is very important in getting an acceptance. The right application time, exact fees per year and documents needed for application. Most of the information about Istanbul Atlas University are not up to date. This causes misunderstandings and leads to problems during the enrollment. We as Global Academia are focusing on delivering updated data and making sure that you get informed correctly.
  • Document Preparation
    If you do not want to get rejected at Istanbul Atlas University, your documents have to be right and complete. After submitting your documents in the application form our staff will control your documents and get back to you in a very short time!
  • Very High Enrollment Rate
    Since 1987 we are dealing with students with the aim of studying in Turkey. Since that year our enrollment rate is 99,8%. That rate is the reason why over 13.400 chose Global Academia as their helping hand to study in Turkey.
  • Fast Admission
    The main problem of international students can be the admission time. Especially in the most chosen / most popular departments. We will make sure that you will receive your admission letter at Istanbul Atlas University within a couple of days – even if the department is very popular. As a consultation company only working on universities in Turkey – it is our only job to get you admitted at our universities in Turkey! J
  • Choosing the right university
    There are lots of universities in Turkey, that you can choose from. That can be a little bit confusing. We as experts in studying in Turkey will help you choose the right university fitting your criteria and needs. If Istanbul Atlas University is the university of your choice, we are right here to get your acceptance.
  • Save your time
    We are officially representing Istanbul Atlas University Because of our close contacts to the universities your admission procedure will be lightning fast. Not only will the admission to universities in Turkey fast, also you will at Istanbul Atlas University with a scholarship – discounted fees.
  • Accommodation Planning
    After receiving your admission to Istanbul Atlas University, we will help you find the best and most suitable accommodation option possible. If it is a flat, a student dorm or a a shared apartment. We are here to make you feel comfortable during your studies in Turkey.
  • Student Visa Support
    Because Global Academia is a company based in Turkey (and Germany) and supporting students since the year 1986 –we know exactly what you need to do to get your student visa 100% without any problems.
  • Health Insurance Support
  • Document Translations
  • Certification Equivalency
Scholarship Options

Istanbul Topkapi University Scholarship for International Students

Yeah! It is possible to get a scholarship as a foreign student at Istanbul Topkapı University. Fill in the application form below for Istanbul Topkapı University Foreign Student Scholarship application. As Global Academia, we provide you with a minimum of 50% scholarship for tuition fees! For our students, the annual fee of Turkish departments will be 1500 USD / English language courses will be 2000 USD.


Program NameProgram TypeLanguageTuition Fees (Before Discount)Tuition Fees (AFTER OUR DISCOUNT)
Architecture (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Graphic Design (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Cartoon and Animation (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
History (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Aviation Management (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
New Media and Communication (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Management Information Systems (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Coaching (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Recreation (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Sports Management (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Business Administration (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
International Trade and Business (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Visual Communication Design (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Digital Game Design (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Theatre (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Painting (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Economics (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Music (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Textile and Fashion Design (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 3,900$ 1,950
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
History (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
Business Administration (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
Marketing Communication (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
Architecture (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
Management Information Systems (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
Security Sciences and Applications (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 4,500$ 2,250
English Language and Literature (English)BachelorEnglish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Political Science and İnternational Relations (English)BachelorEnglish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Psychology (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Computer Engineering (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Software Engineering (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Business Administration (English)BachelorEnglish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Economics (English)BachelorEnglish$ 4,900$ 2,450
International Trade and Business (English)BachelorEnglish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Management Information Systems (English)BachelorEnglish$ 4,900$ 2,450
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Turkish)BachelorTurkish$ 4,900$ 2,450
History (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Psychology (Turkish)(Non-Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Architecture (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Management Information Systems (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Marketing Communication (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Business Administration (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Security Sciences and Applications (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Graphic Design (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Management Information Systems (English)(Non-Thesis)MasterEnglish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Artificial Intelligence (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Business Management (English)(Nun-Thesis)MasterEnglish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Psychology (English)BachelorEnglish$ 5,800$ 2,900
Computer Engineering (English)BachelorEnglish$ 5,800$ 2,900
Psychology (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 6,500$ 3,250
Management Information Systems (English)(Thesis)MasterEnglish$ 6,500$ 3,250
Business Management (English)(Thesis)MasterEnglish$ 6,500$ 3,250
Architecture (Turkish)PhdTurkish$ 9,900$ 4,950
Management Information Systems (Turkish)PhdTurkish$ 9,900$ 4,950
Dental Prosthesis Technology (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Pharmacy Services (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Child Development (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Child Development (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Aircraft Technology (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Civil Air Transportation Management (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Civil Air Cabin Services (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Computer Aided Design and Animation (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Computer Aided Design and Animation (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Computer Programming (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Computer Programming (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Internet and Network Technology (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Internet and Network Technology (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
First Aid and Emergency (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Anesthesia (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Audiometry (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Sports Management (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Medical Documentation and Secretariat (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Medical Imaging Techniques (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Medical Laboratory Techniques (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Operating Room Services (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Operating Room Services (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Oral and Dental Health (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Physiotherapy (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Cooking (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Cooking (Distance Learning) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Fashion Design (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Fashion Design (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Graphic Design (English)AssociateEnglish$ 2,900$ 1,750
Graphic Design (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Graphic Design (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Interior Design (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Tourist Guidance (Distance Education) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,950
Justice (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Maps and Cadastre (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Architectural Restoration (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Internet and Network Technology (EP) (Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Justice (EP)(Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Oral and Dental Health (EP)(Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Maps and Cadastre (EP)(Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Cooking (EP)(Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Computer Aided Design and Animation (EP)(Turkish)AssociateTurkish$ 2,900$ 1,450
Business Administration (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Security Sciences and Applications (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Graphic Design (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Artificial Intelligence (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 5,500$ 2,750
Psychology (Turkish)(Thesis)MasterTurkish$ 6,500$ 3,250
Architecture (Turkish)PhdTurkish$ 9,900$ 4,950
Management Information Systems (Turkish)PhdTurkish$ 9,900$ 4,950
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Max. file size: 1 GB.
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