About Istinye University

Istinye University was founded in 2015 by the Anatolian Foundation of the 21st Century as a continuation of the MLP Care Group’s 25-year expertise and experience, bringing under one roof three separate hospital brands, namely “Liv Hospital,” “Medical Park” and “VM Medical Park”

Istinye University, with its academic staff successfully committed to education and research to make a difference, aims to take a place among Turkey and the most prestigious universities in the world by contributing to the production of new knowledge through its educational and research performance while helping its students become well-equipped in their fields by sharing existing knowledge.

Applying a student-oriented understanding of education to all of its processes, Istinye University intends to expand the borders of science thanks to the academic staff’s research, put the findings obtained through scientific developments into practice for social welfare, and offer quality and accessible health services to the society in line with its vision of being a science and research center.

Istinye University provides its students with a broad variety of skills, as well as a learning and inclusive atmosphere that also covers the fields of technology and art by undertaking schooling, study and social service programs at universal standards.

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Programs at Istinye University

The institution elevates its graduates as persons prepared with organizational abilities, trusts in the influence of knowledge, monitors closely changes across the globe, is capable of logical reasoning and maintains moral and ethical principles, as well as the practice of self-improvement and imagination. It directs its graduates to work environments where they can use those skills, particularly to Liv Hospital, Medical Park and VM Medical Park gathered under the MLP Care Group umbrella.

By elevating the future’s knowledgeable, innovative, and forward-looking people, Istinye University strives to contribute to human advancement and to play a significant role in our society’s social, political, environmental, science, and technical growth.

More about Istinye University


Our dream at Istinye University is to share our nationally and internationally created scientific knowledge by combining it with the various viewpoints of domestic and foreign scientists, and to always serve as a reference in the academic environment in the light of research and development, in order to build a better future for our community.


Our goal at Istinye University is to deliver a university service that prioritizes humanitarian values as a basic foundation for study, preparation, education and training; to contribute to the elevation of efficient, skilled and intelligent persons who are responsible for contributing to all humanity, particularly our people, who have truly grasped the university spirit, who are able to express themselves freely.


Campus Life

Campus Life at Istinye University

Topkapı Campus

Topkapi Campus of Istinye University was established in the academic year 2016-2017 provides spaces blended with city life on the European side of Istanbul, with 46,000 m2 of indoor space and 15,000 m2 of outdoor space – in a very central location. Istinye University – Topkapı Campus, which has no transportation issues on both sides of Istanbul and is readily accessible from either section of the city by public transit or by vehicle, has modern campus connectivity and provides several incentives in scholarly, cultural and technical fields.

Istinye University South Campus

The South Campus of Istinye University is home to the its Technical Departments and the Department of Health Services. All students at Istinye University can benefit from its facilities, regardless of the subject they study.

The campus offers the best educational atmosphere and resources for the students, including an indoor sports center, leisure spaces and library. It also has a lecture hall with a capacity of 150 seats, a computer lab, workshops, and laboratories unique to the program. The South Campus is conveniently situated near public transport.

Facilities at Istinye University

  • 15 classrooms
  • 8 laboratories
  • Aircraft technology workshop
  • Library
  • Lecture hall
  • Social hall
  • Silent study area
  • Dining hall
  • Medical checkup room
  • Indoor sports hall
  • Capacity of 4000 students
  • 37 Classrooms
  • 47 Laboratories
  • 2 Conference Rooms
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Study Halls
  • Sports, Social and Cultural Facilities

Istinye University Ranking

Institution NameIstinye University
World Rank601-800 (Impact Ranking)
National Rank45
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank
Quality of Faculty Rank
Research Performance Rank
Overall Score


Istinye University Application

Application | Registration | Admission | Online Application  to Istinye University.

Global Academia consulting in admission to Istinye University

Application / Admission

Global Academia consulting in admission to Istinye University

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  • Guaranteed Scholarships
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  • Document Preparation
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  • Health Insurance Support
  • Document Translations
  • Certification Equivalency

Istinye University Faculties


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Vocational School (Turkish)
  • Vocational School of Health Services (Turkish)
  • Institute of Health Sciences
  • Institute of Social Sciences
Scholarship Options

Istinye University Scholarship

Yes! Obtaining a Scholarship at Istinye University is possible. For applications to a scholarship you have to apply for that after you are enrolled and made your registration while studying. We as Global Academia will give you a discount on the tuition fees as well.


ProgramProgram TypeYears of EducationLanguageFees per year
Medicine (English)Bachelor6English24.200 $
Medicine (Turkish)Bachelor6Turkish19.800 $
Dentistry (English)Bachelor5English20.570 $
Dentistry (Turkish)Bachelor5Turkish15.400 $
Pharmacy (English)Bachelor5English12.100 $
Pharmacy (Turkish)Bachelor5Turkish11.000 $
Architecture (English)Bachelor4English5.885 $
Architecture (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.885 $
Biomedical Engineering (English)Bachelor4English6.620 $
Business Administration (English)Bachelor4English6.620 $
Chemistry (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Child Development (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Computer Engineering (English)Bachelor4English5.885 $
Computer Engineering (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.885 $
Digital Game Design (English)Bachelor4English5.296 $
Economics (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)Bachelor4English5.885 $
English Interpretation and Translation (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
English Language and Literature (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (English)Bachelor4English5.296 $
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.296 $
Health Management (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Industrial Engineering (English)Bachelor4English5.885 $
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.885 $
International Relations (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
International Trade and Business (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Management Information Systems (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Management Information Systems (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Mathematics (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Mechanical Engineering (English)Bachelor4English5.885 $
Midwifery (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Molecular Biology and Genetics (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
New Media and Communication (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Nursing (English)Bachelor4English5.296 $
Nursing (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.296 $
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.296 $
Philosophy (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)Bachelor4English6.620 $
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.296 $
Political Science and Public Administration (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Psychology (English)Bachelor4English5.885 $
Psychology (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.296 $
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Radio, Television and Cinema (English)Bachelor4English4.708 $
Software Engineering (English)Bachelor4English6.620 $
Software Engineering (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish5.885 $
Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Visual Communication Design (Turkish)Bachelor4Turkish4.708 $
Oral and Dental HealthAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Oral and Dental Health (EP)Associate2Turkish3.300 $
Operation Room ServicesAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Operation Room Services (EP)Associate2Turkish3.300 $
AnesthesiaAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Anesthesia (EP)Associate2Turkish3.300 $
Child DevelopmentAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
DialysisAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
ElectroneurophysiologyAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Pharmacy ServicesAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
PhysiotherapyAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Physiotherapy (EP)Associate2Turkish3.300 $
First Aid and EmergencyAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
First Aid and Emergency (EP)Associate2Turkish3.300 $
RadiotherapyAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Medical Documentation and SecretarialAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Medical Imaging TechniquesAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
Medical Imaging Techniques (EP)Associate2Turkish3.300 $
Medical Laboratory TechniquesAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
OpticianryAssociate2Turkish3.300 $
JusticeAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Culinary ArtsAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Civil Aviation Cabin Services (EP)Associate2Turkish2.640 $
Aircraft TechnologyAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Computer Aided Design and AnimationAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Food TechnologyAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Computer ProgrammingAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Computer Programming (EP)Associate2Turkish2.640 $
Automotive TechnologyAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Information Security TechnologyAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
E-Trade and MarketingAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Computer TechnologyAssociate2Turkish2.640 $
Business Administration (with thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Business Administration (non-thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Business Administration (with thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)Master2English5.500 $
Business Administration (non-thesis) / Focused Programs (Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance)Master1English4.950 $
Business Administration (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Health Management (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Health Management (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Health Management (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Political Science and International Relations (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Political Science and International Relations (with thesis)Master2English5.500 $
Psychology (with thesis)Master2Turkish4.950 $
Psychology (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Clinical Psychology (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Turkish Language and Literature (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Communication Sciences (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Occupational Health and Safety (non thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Management Information SystemsMaster2English5.500 $
Television and Cinema (with thesis)Master2English5.500 $
Surgical Disease Nursing (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Surgical Disease Nursing (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Midwifery (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Midwifery (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (with thesis)Master2Engilsh5.500 $
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Neuroscience (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Neuroscience (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Cancer Biology and Pharmacology (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Medical Biology and Genetics (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Medical Biology and Genetics (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Speech and Language Therapy (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Speech and Language Therapy (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Nutrition and Dietetics (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Nutrition and Dietetics (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Nutrition and Dietetics (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Sports Physiotherapy (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Molecular Oncology (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Molecular Biology and Genetics (with thesis)Master2English5.500 $
Histology and Embryology (PhD)PhD4Turkish11.000 $
Anatomy (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Architectural Design (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Interior Architecture (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Computer Engineering (with thesis)Master2English5.500 $
Computer Engineering (non-thesis)Master1English4.950 $
Artificial Intelligence Engineering (with thesis)Master2English5.500 $
Chemistry (PhD)PhD4English11.000 $
Physics (PhD)PhD4English11.000 $
Data Science (with thesis)Master2Turkish5.500 $
Data Science (non-thesis)Master1Turkish4.950 $
Data Science (with thesis)Master2English5.500 $
Business Administration (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Health Management (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Communication Sciences (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Speech and Language Therapy (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Medical Biology and Genetics (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Nutrition and Dietetics (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Molecular Oncology (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Histology and Embryology (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Midwifery (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Neuroscience (PhD)PhD5Turkish12.833 $
Chemistry (PhD)PhD5English12.833 $
Physics (PhD)PhD5English12.833 $


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